our team

Fleur Smith


After several years working for Time Critical, Fleur Smith had the opportunity to purchase the business.  With her in-depth knowledge of running Time Critical and her vision of the potential for the company, Time Critical was rebranded.

Fleur brings over 34 years of Business Administration and Management, gained from many industries such as Telecommunications, Logistics, Wineries and now Time Critical.

With the employment of a strong team, Fleur has managed to win major clients and build an RTO that is sought after in the industry for providing a simplified customer focused service.

Susan Vercoe


Susan Vercoe manages various areas of the business including marketing, sales, compliance, and major client contracts.  Susan brings over 22 years of business acumen gained on the international market having lived and worked in five different countries.

Susan’s passion for processes, drive and enthusiasm has seen her submit a winning Government Tender and help grown Time Critical exponentially.

qualified trainers

All our trainers have sound clinical experience and national training qualifications. They are dedicated and highly motivated individuals who pride themselves in achieving the highest level of professionalism through their communication and presentation skills to ensure the best possible standard of training.

RTO: 51503

experienced administrators

All of our Administration team have 20 plus years of experience working in the VET sector and are equipped to deal with everything from minor queries for an individual to do a course, to booking a corporate training plan based on various training units, venues and times.